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Dr. Grandizio was trained at the elite Palmer College of Chiropractic, known for graduating doctors of chiropractic with the best hands-on adjustment techniques the profession has to offer.  Although he prefers these traditional, manual adjustments that most patients seek from a chiropractor, some patients prefer the latest technology in the field of chiropractic.  This consists of decompression traction therapy (see other page) and instrument adjusting methods, specifically the Arthrostim.  The Arthrostim has been around for nearly three decades, but Dr. Grandizio obtained his new, state of the art model in 2018.  As opposed to the twisting or cracking that is commonly experienced during most patient encounters, patients can request and experience a highly effective alternative approach to the chiropractic adjustment, one that is backed by research and the FDA.  The instrument can be set on mild, gentle settings, all the way up to more deep and stronger settings, to patient tolerance.  Not only does this benefit those that prefer an alternative approach, but it is also a benefit for small children, and seniors that may have advanced osteoporosis or arthritis.  Dr. Grandizio selected the Arthrostim instrument based on its unique patient comfort settings and speed settings; it has the capacity to deliver controlled, rapid-recoils as high as 12 per second, the fastest in the adjusting instrument industry.  In addition to the spine and its associated bones and joints, the device is useful over muscle tissue as well, helping to release the bundles of knots we experience within our muscles and fascia.  Lastly, the device is portable, making it conveniently available in both the Willow Street and Strasburg offices.  Call now for an appointment!